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a full-service video production & brand services company proudly based out of Cleveland, Ohio. We are a team of creatives, dreamers, and people persons. Ultimately, we are a team that gets wildly excited about the intersection of artistry, intent, and a story well told.

We understand how frustrating it is to cut through the noise to connect with an audience. Many businesses know they need digital content to drive growth, but choosing the right Cleveland video production company can feel overwhelming.

At The Story Is, we pride ourselves on always putting the clients’ brand before our own. We know your brand isn’t just another line-item. It’s the sum of your relationship with customers. We’re committed to helping you grow those relationships.

We use our proven story method along with targeted marketing to clarify your message. From there, we use the best video production team in The Land to create content to connect with your audience and grow your brand.

We specialize in commercial, narrative, and documentary work. We’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients telling a myriad of stories in numerous ways. We love taking a project from concept to completion.

In today’s fast-paced world, for a story to connect with an audience it must be authentic, have clear direction, and be well told.

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Some nice things people have said

The Story Is has helped redefine the visual presentation of our brand… I can attest to a measurable ROI for these marketing pieces - key service lines we targeted for these videos have seen a measurable jump in sales. Beyond just the effectiveness of the video pieces, I was blown away by their leadership, dedication, and professionalism on the project execution side.

Brett YacovellaCreative Director & Founder

Our goal was to create a short film to support the launch of Western Reserve Academy's most ambitious fundraising campaign ever. The team from The Story is created a piece that beautifully portrayed our campus and presented the inspiring perspectives of our students, faculty and alumni in a way that resonated deeply with everyone in our community. The film has been shown on our campus, across the country at alumni events and it has been seen in 15 countries outside the United States. The feedback has been inspiring.

Mark LaFontaineAssistant Head of School for Advancement

With a service that can be challenging to communicate at times, we found that The Story Is took time to understand and help us create a professional video with a clear message. Their guidance was thoughtful and consultative, while keeping our unique culture and business in mind.

Colleen WardMarketing Communications Specialist

TSI truly became an extension of our team on this project. It's like working with really talented friends that make the process fun.

Andrew De CraneCreative Director

The Core Team

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Immanuel Mullen

Owner | Director

Immanuel believes that the best way to serve his clients and their stories is by pushing past his creative comfort zone with every project. Only by doing this can the best work come forth.

Immanuel started off his career as a graphic designer, having had the opportunity to work with brands like Pepsi, Saucony, Target, BiC and others. Upon making the transition to filmmaking, he has been able to bring the attention to detail he developed as a designer to help best communicate stories through visual storytelling.

He leverages a real love for branding and marketing to craft client stories in a way that heightens their brand and doesn’t detract or compete with it. In this oversaturated environment, Immanuel takes joy in helping clients subtract from the noise and be noticed.

Paul Grodell

Creative Director

Paul has rewritten rewrote this paragraph nine twelve times. Is he a narcissist? Maybe. He also tends to obsess over words and how they communicate.

Paul has over ten years of experience in solving communications problems for organizations. As a Creative Director, his keen insight into how people best receive information has enabled him to help brands grow by utilizing precise, succinct communication methods.

Paul’s first passion is writing. He once wrote a perfect sentence and deleted it soon after. He can’t remember exactly how it was structured. This memory often haunts him at night. And this is the end of his bio that he wrote in the third-person.

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Stephanie Mullen

Owner | Producer

A Cleveland native, Stephanie thrives on seeing an idea come to life. From a seed in the mind to a living creation on screen, she guides all the moving parts of a production to bring it into reality. She loves the community and collaboration that is inherent in every successful production.

For the past 10 years she’s worked on a wide range of projects including films, TV shows, commercial and corporate projects, and documentaries. She has a special passion for travel and deep love for documentaries that tell real world stories in an inspiring way.