Our Story

We are a full-service Cleveland Video Production Agency. Our team is made up of creatives, dreamers, and people persons who get downright excited about the blend of artistry, intent, and a story well told.

We get it. It’s a pain to cut through the noise and connect with your audience. Plenty of businesses know they need digital content to make it rain, but finding the right video production agency can be a head-scratcher.

We pride ourselves on always putting our clients’ brand before our own. Your brand isn’t just another line item. It’s the sum of your relationship with customers. And we’re committed to helping you grow those relationships.

Our story method is tried and true. Mix in some targeted marketing, and your message is crystal clear. Then, we get to work with the best video production team in The Land, creating content that connects with your audience and bolsters your brand.

We do it all: commercials, explainers, interviews, and documentaries. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and with all different levels of creative. Concept to completion? We live for it. Just need execution? Say no more. We got it.

In the digital world, time is of the essence. For your story to hit home with your target audience, it needs to be authentic, have a clear purpose, and be compelling. We can help you make it happen.


What We Do

Create The Story

Creative Development & Strategy

Not sure where to start when it comes to achieving your video marketing goals?

We'll break out the coffee & whiteboard markers to craft a strategy and develop creative to meet your needs.

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Capture The Story

Video Production

Have your video marketing strategy & creative locked down but need a top-notch video production team?


We've been a premier Cleveland Video Production company since 2013. We have the skills to get the job done.

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Share The Story

Distribution & Media Buying

Need help when it comes to distribution and placement?


Our strategic partnerships enable us to help you get your content in front of the best audience at the best time for the best results.

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Our Team

Cleveland Video Production Director

Immanuel Mullen


Immanuel is a director with more than a decade of experience in the commercial film industry and is a well known face in the Cleveland video production scene. After achieving a successful career as a graphic designer and working with brands like Pepsi, Saucony, Target, and BiC, he fell in love with the potential of storytelling through video.

Armed with passion and a camera, he pivoted his career to pursue visual storytelling and found incredible success. Ten years later, Immanuel has worked with national and local brands to tell stories that make people feel, act, and remember a brand.

Immanuel leverages his love for branding and marketing to craft client stories that heighten their brand rather than detracting or competing against it. His approach to filmmaking is to make sure every creative decision serves the story, and the story serves the ultimate brand goal.

Stephanie Mullen


A Cleveland native, Stephanie thrives on seeing an idea come to life. From a seed in the mind to a living creation on screen, she guides all the moving parts of a production to bring it into reality. She loves the community and collaboration that is inherent in every successful production.

For the past 15 years she’s worked on a wide range of projects including films, TV shows, commercial and corporate projects, and documentaries. She has a special passion for travel and deep love for documentaries that tell real world stories in an inspiring way.


Paul Grodell


Paul has rewritten rewrote this paragraph nine twelve times. Is it narcissism? Possibly. He's also obsessed with words and how they communicate.

Paul has over ten years of experience in solving communications problems for organizations. As a Creative Director, his keen insight into how people best receive information has enabled him to help brands grow by utilizing precise, succinct communication methods.

Paul’s first passion is writing. He once wrote a perfect sentence and deleted it soon after. He can’t remember exactly how it was structured. This memory often haunts him at night. And this is the end of his bio that he wrote in the third-person.

Paul Grodell 1
Paul Grodell 3
Paul 4

Nathan McLaughlin


Nathan has a beard. A big beard. The kind of beard you tell your friends about after meeting him for the first time.

Nathan is also skilled. Very skilled. He has the type of skills you tell your father about that cause your father to wonder where he went wrong in raising you.

Nathan is also nice. Very nice. The type of nice that makes your mother curious about the books his mother read to raise such an upstanding human being capable of inspiring another human being to write three paragraphs about said human being.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown


Scott is just as much at home in a spreadsheet as he is on set. He's a detail oriented producer who enjoys the thrill of seeing a project come to life.

His military background and fifteen years of experience as a manager gave him the skills he needed to transition to being an effective commercial producer in 2016.