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We're a full-service video production & brand services company proudly based out of Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in Corporate Video Production. Whether you need videos for Top of Funnel (Brand Films, Docuseries), Middle of Funnel (Product/Service Videos, Testimonials) or Bottom of Funnel (Instructional Videos) we can help.

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Why is Corporate Video Production important?

71% of B2B & 66% of B2C marketers leverage the power of Corporate Videos. 75% of B2B & 67% of B2C companies say video drives leads while nearly half report it also drives revenue. Thanks to video, gone are the days of bland white papers and boring webinars being the cornerstone for successful corporate marketing.

Below you'll find just a few examples of the many different types of Corporate Videos and how Corporate Video Production can help you achieve your goals.

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Brand Storytelling

Top of Funnel

Brand Films

The aim of Brand Films is to share your values, mission, and what makes your brand unique with your target audience. A Brand Film showcases the best of who you are with visuals, sound, and storytelling in ways only possible with video. Simon Sinek famously said, "People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” A well crafted Brand Film will help you stay top of mind with prospective clients.

Top of Funnel


A Docuseries can be an effective way to showcase your brand & services in a non-traditional, engaging format. Docuseries have the unique ability to instill confidence by giving a behind-the-scenes preview of your business while also instilling empathy in potential clients by showcasing the human elements of your brand. They're a great way to showcase how your business has handled the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Middle of Funnel

Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonials are often used to build consumer trust and to highlight the benefits of a product or service. Once your potential customers get far enough into their research, they will eventually want to know what experiences others have had with your product or service.

Middle of Funnel

Product & Services Videos

By the bottom of the marketing funnel, your leads are generally looking for answers to any remaining questions they may have. Product and Service Videos can help alleviate their fears by showcasing the specifics of what you have to offer and how it solves their problem.

Bottom of Funnel

Informational Videos

Info Videos are great for communicating specific information to help close the deal. And just because they're technical doesn't mean they have to be boring! We can create Info Videos that are both engaging and informative.

Internal Communications

Training & Internal Communications Videos

Your corporation is full of people. Given the recent shift to many employees working from home, many companies are seeking corporate video production to create Training & Internal Communication Videos to keep everyone in different locations on the same page.

These corporate video productions can be initiated by the executive team, human resources, or departmental managers – really anyone that wants to make sure they’re clearly communicating company policies and procedures in a very direct, clear way.

Some nice things people have said

The Story Is truly became an extension of our team on this project. It's like working with really talented friends who make the process fun.

Andrew De CraneCreative Director

With a service that can be challenging to communicate at times, we found that The Story Is took time to understand and help us create a professional video with a clear message. Their guidance was thoughtful and consultative, while keeping our unique culture and business in mind.

Colleen WardMarketing Communications Specialist

Our goal was to create a short film to support the launch of Western Reserve Academy's most ambitious fundraising campaign ever. The team from The Story is created a piece that beautifully portrayed our campus and presented the inspiring perspectives of our students, faculty and alumni in a way that resonated deeply with everyone in our community. The film has been shown on our campus, across the country at alumni events and it has been seen in 15 countries outside the United States. The feedback has been inspiring.

Mark LaFontaineAssistant Head of School for Advancement

Let's Partner Together

At The Story Is, we believe video has the power to humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and more. We would love the opportunity to work alongside your team to achieve success for your corporation.

The Story Is

We specialize in commercial, narrative, and brand films. We’ve been fortunate to tell a myriad of stores for a wide variety of clients. We love to take a project from concept to completion, and can help you solve gaps in your sales funnel by leveraging the power of video.