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Education Video Production

We're a full-service video production & brand services company proudly based out of Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in Education Marketing Video.

We know you need to reach and convert prospective students. At The Story Is, we help to make it happen. Together we can help you target and engage new audiences, then guide them from initial awareness through to conversion, retention, and enrollment.

How We Help You Succeed

Education Marketing Video Supercharged with Storytelling

Educators make some of the biggest impacts in people's lives. That’s why we love partnering with education institutions to share stories of how they're shaping our future--one story at a time.

Whether it's a commercial, brand film, testimonial, or something in between we know how to leverage the power of storytelling to attract, engage, and delight audiences. For us, education marketing video isn't just about generating interest for a school.

It's opening the door to someone's future.


Fundraiser Films

Our goal was to create a short film to support the launch of Western Reserve Academy’s most ambitious fundraising campaign ever. The team from The Story is created a piece that beautifully portrayed our campus and presented the inspiring perspectives of our students, faculty and alumni in a way that resonated deeply with everyone in our community. The film has been shown on our campus, across the country at alumni events and it has been seen in 15 countries outside the United States. The feedback has been inspiring.

Mark LaFontaine
Assistant Head of School for Advancement | Western Reserve Academy
Attract / Top of Funnel

Brand Films

Brand Films are a must-have education marketing video. A Brand Film shares your values, mission, and what makes your school unique with your target audience. A Brand Film showcases the best of who you are with visuals, sound, and storytelling in ways only possible with video. Simon Sinek famously said, "People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” A well crafted Brand Film is the cornerstone piece when it comes to education marketing video.

Engage / Middle of Funnel

Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonials education marketing videos often used to build consumer trust and to highlight the benefits of a product or service. Once your potential customers get far enough into their research, they will eventually want to know what experiences others have had with your product or service.

Student Testimonial Example: Adjoa

Attract / Bottom of Funnel

Course & Program Offerings

Education marketing video that highlights specific courses or degree programs your school offers are a great way to help people move down the sales funnel when it comes to education marketing. By showcasing your best offerings, you instill confidence and inspire people that they can work toward a better future by participating in the program.

Attract / Top of Funnel

30 or 60 Second Commercials

Commercials that rely heavily on storytelling are a great way to inspire prospective students to seek information about your school. While these types of video aren't relied on as heavily these days when it comes to education marketing video, they're still a vital piece of a successful marketing campaign for many institutions.

Delight / Bottom of Funnel

Admissions & Welcome Videos

The need for education marketing video doesn't stop after enrollment. Welcome videos are the perfect way to let a new student know just how excited you are about their decision to enroll with your school. Admissions teams all over the country use Welcome Videos to set the tone for what they student can expect once they get to campus.

Attract / Delight /Top of Funnel

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are growing in popularity when it comes to education marketing video. A Virtual Tour is a great way to help people visualize themself, or their student, walking your campus. They instill confidence and highlight the best of what you have to offer when it comes to the experience of attending your school or university. These types of videos have become even more effective since tours aren't as feasible given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delight /Top of Funnel

High Quality Presentations

Some people mistakenly think education marketing video isn't relevant once a student is enrolled. This couldn't be further from the truth. Every time a student or family member views a video from your institution is a chance to reinforce the excellence of your brand. It's a chance for you to wow them. It's a chance to remind them of the great decision they made to trust you with their future.

Nice Words From Clients.

The Story Is has done several video projects for us over the years and the results have been priceless. We show the brand video at the end of our sales presentations and I know it's helped us close deals.

I highly recommend them for any business who wants to gain great exposure to a potentially very large audience for many years to come.

John Beirne jr
JP Recovery Services