JP Recovery Services

Award Winning Corporate Documentary Series

JP Recovery Services, like many companies, found themselves sidelined from many of their sales conferences/meetings due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.*


Beyond the logistic challenges presented to JP Recovery Services when it came to sales, the pandemic also introduced a real urgency to their business since much of what they do for their clients is related to medical billing.


After brainstorming with the JPRS team, it was decided that the best way to solve their unique marketing challenges was to use video to connect with their intended audience.


We created a  four part corporate documentary series to highlight the ways JP Recovery Services has responded to the recent challenges in their industry.


Each episode was sent to their client list, as well as to potential leads, to show how JP Recovery Services was putting innovation and customer service at the forefront of their response.


This series won a 2021 Telly Award in the category of Online Series-Webseries: Corporate Image

Corporate Documentary
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Episode 1: Moving Forward

Corporate documentary series are not easy to pull off. They have to be compelling, inspiring, and informative.


We knew this first episode had to do a lot of things when it came to meeting JP Recovery Services marketing goals.


To do this, we follow the JP Recovery Services Team to show how they are adjusting to best serve their clients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


This episode was designed to connect clients directly with JP Recovery Services to show them what the last few months had been like at the office.

Corporate Documentary
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Episode 2: Those We Serve

This follow-up episode for this corporate documentary series was released approximately one month after the first episode.


In Episode 1, we showed the resiliency of the team and how management had pivoted to keep the teams running full strength. We knew the next episode how to show the efficacy of what the team was doing.


In Episode 2, we follow the billing department to see how they're able to help change lives through what they do at JP Recovery Services.


This episode was designed to show how JP Recovery Services is still bringing value to their clients through what they offer in the billing department.

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Episode 3: Women in the Workforce

In Episode 2 we gave a behind the scenes look at what the JP Recovery Services team does for their clients.

In Episode 3, we highlight the strong, powerful women of the JP Recovery Services team. We follow multiple team members throughout the piece and hear about their experience of working at JP Recovery Services.


This episode was designed to show how JP Recovery Services aims to be a place of employment that provides opportunities for people regardless of their gender.

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Docuseries Episode 4
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Episode 4: The New Normal

There was a lot to consider when it came to wrapping up the final episode of this corporate documentary series. The team at JPRS wanted to make sure that after viewing this series their clients felt confident in their choice to partner with them for the future.


In this final episode, we hear from the team at JP Recovery Services to find out what's next for the company, and how they plan to keep moving forward.


This episode was designed to bring the whole series back full circle. We highlight some of the moments from the first episode and bring resolution to the question of how JP Recovery Services will continue to provide value to their clients in a post-pandemic world.