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Fundraiser Documentary

Western Reserve Academy

We worked with Western Reserve Academy to craft a compelling fundraiser documentary video component to support their ongoing Campaign for Excellence and Access. Structured around the main pillars of the campaign, the video follows a day-in-the-life at the school and is driven by compelling interviews with students, faculty, and alumni.



Western Reserve Academy's Campaign for Excellence and Access had a goal to raise $65 million to increase their endowment to support their faculty, academic program and financial aid in their journey to be a uniquely modern and traditional college preparatory school. Raising the $65 million was dependent on quick initial growth, which would be pushed out through their social media platforms, in-person meetings, and fundraising events.



The campaign called for a compelling story - the story of the Academy’s history and the ongoing strength of their educational program. The Story Is was brought into the campaign to consult and craft a compelling video component to act as the cornerstone of the campaign’s story. The video features compelling interviews with students, faculty and alumni to capture and tell the story of the Academy. 



The campaign exceeded everyone’s expectations by far and showed a tremendous return on their investment. In the first two months of the campaign, over $58 million was raised. That remarkable sum raised so quickly allowed them to easily exceed their goal of $65 million with the final amount raised coming in at $86.5 million.

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Fundraiser Documentary