A Redeption Story


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The LaFontaine’s have a story that is honestly hard to believe when you first hear it. That’s why Alpha USA commissioned us to help tell it.

It’s one of those stories that could probably be turned into a feature-length film. It’s filled to the brim with so many ups and down, twists and turns, laughs and tears, and unbelievable circumstances in it. It was an exciting challenge to capture it and then distil all the many plot points into a video that could be watched in one sitting.

We won’t try to give the story away by giving a plot summary of it, but if you like tales of redemption, we believe you’ll want to watch this.


Director – Immanuel Mullen
Producer – Stephanie Mullen
Director of Photography – Kevin Coyne
Editor – Immanuel Mullen and Stephanie Mullen
Grading – Immanuel Mullen