Who We Are

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Bravo Wellness is a company that’s all about people. If you ever get the chance to visit their office, you’ll notice that right away. Hospitality spills out of that place. They are also a company that is all about managing data and they do it really well. So how to tell a story that connects the two?

We partnered with Bravo Wellness to create a series of videos that communicate who they are and what they do (view that other one here). “Who We Are” covers just that; the why behind what they do.


Director – Immanuel Mullen
Producer – Stephanie Mullen
Director of Photography – Kevin Coyne
Grip – Tim McLaughlin
Audio Engineer – Michael Carrisimi
Editor – Immanuel Mullen and Stephanie Mullen
Grading – Immanuel Mullen

With a service that can be challenging to communicate at times, we found that The Story Is took time to understand and help us create a professional video with a clear message. Their guidance was thoughtful and consultative, while keeping our unique culture and business in mind.

Colleen WardMarketing Communications Specialist