Hidden Worlds

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Robb and Bette Durr are artists that create art at the highest caliber. As in the “woah, people can actually come up with that in their minds and create it with their hands??” type of good.

When we met the dynamic artistic duo and found they’ve been working with each other in incredible artistic endeavors for over 30 years, we knew we had to tell their story.

Their current project is called Hidden Worlds. It’s a collection of hand-made “fairy doors” that are whimsical, well-crafted, little pieces of art that bring a child-like smile to anyone’s face upon first encounter with them (we like them so much they’ve already become gifts for friends and family).

They have a great product, are great people, and are very passionate about their art. So, we created a video that communicates just that, which they are now able to share with the world.


Director – Immanuel Mullen
Producer – Stephanie Mullen
Director of Photography – Kevin Coyne
Editor – Immanuel Mullen & Stephanie Mullen
Grading – Immanuel Mullen