Ryo’s Story

Scranton Road Ministries | Youth Job’s Partnership

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There’s something timeless about the story of someone rising above their circumstances to forge a better life. This is is why we were drawn to the stories of Ryo and Mirika. They were two highschoolers with big dreams living in an under-served neighborhood of Cleveland. But that didn’t stop them. They were both wise enough to seek out help to get where they wanted to go.

That help was in the form of Youth Jobs Partnerships, a program by Scranton Road Ministries that helps young adults, ages 16-22, with comprehensive job training, professional development, and mentorship opportunities.With their guidance, Ryo and Mirika are well on their way to realizing their dreams.


Director – Immanuel Mullen
Producer – Scott Brown
Audio Engineer – Nate McLaughlin
Editor – Immanuel Mullen and Stephanie Mullen
Grading – Immanuel Mullen

Mirika’s Story