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We understand how frustrating it is to cut through the noise to connect with an audience. Many businesses know they need digital content to drive growth, but choosing the right Cleveland video production company can feel overwhelming.

At The Story Is, we pride ourselves on always putting the clients’ brand before our own. We know your brand isn’t just another line-item. It’s the sum of your relationship with customers. Those relationships can be cultivated to produce growth for your business.

Our proven story method is what has separated us as a premier Cleveland video production company over the years. We don’t just understand the power of story. We know how to harness it for maximum impact to grow brands to produce results.

We help you clarify your brand message to reach the best audience through video content & targeted audience branding campaigns. If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help.

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Cleveland Video Production & Brand Services

Brand Identification & Messaging

We get calls from clients all of the time who know they need video to grow their business but don’t know where to start when it comes to video production. Many don’t know much about their brand or how it can help them grow.

Before we move to video production, we like to do a deep dive into your brand to discover what makes it unique. From there, we work on clarifying your brand message to identify the creative pieces needed to cultivate growth.

Video Production

We’ve been a premier Cleveland Video Production company since 2013. Our video production team is the best in the area and enables us to create top-shelf video content that produces results.

Thanks to the work we do in the Brand Identification & Messaging stage, we’re able to move into Video Production with everything needed to make sure you get the right video to achieve your desired results. (Truth be told, video production is our favorite!)

Video Post Production

We use our proven story method during the Video Post Production stage to piece together your video to achieve maximum impact with your audience.

Editing, color grading, sound design & engineering, all of these skillsets come in to play as we create your final piece. The end result is top-shelf branded video content that is meant to engage and inspire the audience toward action.
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Targeted Audience Marketing

Advertising is everywhere. Most people spend their day trudging through stuff they have to see, just to get to content they want to see. With targeted audience branding, we get your branded content in front of the audience that wants to see it.

Measuring success for branded content is reflected in high-level marketing metrics based on overall impressions. In the video world, these figures include views, comments, likes, and social shares.

The Story Is has helped redefine the visual presentation of our brand… I can attest to a measurable ROI for these marketing pieces - key service lines we targeted for these videos have seen a measurable jump in sales. Beyond just the effectiveness of the video pieces, I was blown away by their leadership, dedication, and professionalism on the project execution side.

Brett Yacovella | Creative Director & Founder | Making The MomentCleveland Video Production

Our goal was to create a short film to support the launch of Western Reserve Academy's most ambitious fundraising campaign ever. The team from The Story is created a piece that beautifully portrayed our campus and presented the inspiring perspectives of our students, faculty and alumni in a way that resonated deeply with everyone in our community. The film has been shown on our campus, across the country at alumni events and it has been seen in 15 countries outside the United States. The feedback has been inspiring.

Mark LaFontaine | Assistant Head of School for Advancement | Western Reserve AcademyCleveland Video Production

TSI truly became an extension of our team on this project. It's like working with really talented friends that make the process fun.

Andrew De Crane | Creative DirectorCleveland Video Production